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Quorum's 27th Annual National Coming Out Day Celebration 
"...We will not win our rights by staying quietly in our closets..." (Harvey Milk)

This inspirational and transformational community luncheon gives voice to the power of living openly, honestly and with authenticity at work, in our families, in our faith communities, and across our lives. The realities of living an authentic life are deeper than being "out". We all have many layers of identity and we must work together to create a world where people can bring their "whole self" to everything they do.  The National Coming Out Day Luncheon serves as a celebration of who we are individually...and together!

The tide of history will continue to change only when we honor our identities with pride and live with joy, openness and truth. Coming out (whether as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, ally or any other identity on the spectrum) STILL MATTERS. Every person who speaks up continues to change hearts and minds, and creates new advocates for equality. 
We hope you will join us as our community celebrates the strength, courage and wisdom of LGBTQ+ and Allied people who have braved their own unique journeys to now live openly and authentically...and with pride.

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We know that 2020 has been an incredibly unusual and often difficult year. With the incredible support of our community partners and stakeholders, we realized that this year also offered an unprecedented opportunity to combine two of our favorite events. For the first time in over a decade, Quorum has made the decision to host a "mini" Business Equality Summit on the morning of our annual National Coming Out Day celebration. Drawing on the rich knowledge of our members and stakeholders, we anticipate engagement and success like never before! 

This year's event will be hosted via our newest conference platform-HopIn. HopIn a very easy "one stop shop" for online events and we believe that it will provide the best value and experience for our attendees.

Attendees will need to create a free Hop In account to access the Conference and Luncheon. It's easy! Click here to create your free account: https://hopin.to/

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