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RESCHEDULED TBD-Quorum's Q2 Workplace Alliance Event

  • June 02, 2020
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Via Zoom


Dear Quorum members, partners and stakeholders:

Thank you for your registration and interest in Quorum's Q2 Workplace Alliance event. I hope that you all are staying as safe as possible during this incredibly difficult time.

We have decided to reschedule the Q2 Workplace Alliance event scheduled for tomorrow night. Because of the myriad issues facing Minnesota right now, including the death of George Floyd, we need to take the time to care for our communities and each other. We believe that this is the best path for now, especially for our Black/POC participants, as we need to ensure we are not asking those who are already overwhelmed by the egregious acts of racism to educate others on how to create more inclusive environments at this time.

We know that many people are asking how they can help. These two lists of opportunities are divided by type of support and include links and other information for you.

Quorum’s mission includes what we feel to be a driving directive: to create a more equitable business community through building, strengthening and connecting the LGBTQ+ and Allied community in Minnesota. Please join us at this beginning of new and important conversations as we are work together to create the inclusive future that is crucial to success of our village. 

Thank you for your support as we move forward as the vibrant and diverse community that we are. Together, the Quorum Village will thrive and succeed.


Ron Gersdorf, Quorum Board President

Rebecca Waggoner, Quorum Executive Director


As we often say at Quorum, allyship is a verb. It requires intention, accountability and, most of all, action. Our ask for additional actions challenge you to do three things: 1) spend some time on personal reflection; 2) build your awareness of the history, legacy and impact of racism; and, 3) determine what you can do to put allyship into action.  We encourage everyone to take the next steps in their allyship journey, including:
  1. Learn what it means to be an ally and reflect on your role and responsibility in changing the status quo
  2. Build deep, authentic relationships across racial and cultural divides. This requires intention, humility and courage. There are no shortcuts. While trauma and injustice may be collective, every individual’s experience is unique, and may need a different kind of support as they process and respond.  
  3. Join an ERG/BRG or other Employee Group. Allyship is difficult, messy and absolutely crucial. ERGs are a great way to meet and develop relationships with diverse individuals, increase your cross-cultural awareness and build your allyship toolkit. 
  4. Don’t stop. Reading, sharing on social media, and building relationships are just the beginning. True allyship requires consistency, determination and persistence. Keep pushing yourself to explore the power you have to make a difference. How can you support those who need it? Apply what you’ve learned? Speak up when you might have stayed silent before? Amplify the voices that most need to be heard? How might you address inequities and challenge systems that perpetuate racism? 
  5. Educate yourself. Don’t put the burden on communities of color to educate you about their struggle. Below are some resources to get you started in building your own knowledge base.  
Articles/Websites/Books (limited lists)


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